Friday, June 10, 2016

Michael Lohan Gets Hair Transplant Ahead of Lindsay's Wedding

Photo by PR Photos

Michael Lohan recently underwent a hair transplant, no doubt to help him look his best at daughter Lindsay's upcoming wedding. 

At 56, Lohan has been experiencing hair loss for years, and had deep recession in the temporal regions as well as a balding crown. For years, he had tried different methods to conceal the hair loss, including a combover style, but as the hair loss progressed, these methods simply weren't enough anymore. 

Good for him for taking advantage of the advanced transplant methods available. New microsurgical no-scalpel/no-stitch harvesting techniques like NeoGraft FUE or ARTAS Robotic-Assisted Transplants allow for a minimally-invasive no-linear-scar “follicle-by-follicle” approach. This advanced process allows for diminished downtime and discomfort while avoiding the pluggy look and linear scars which traditional ‘old-style’ hair transplants left behind.  

You can read more about Lohan's transplant, and see photos at The Daily Mail.


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