Tuesday, November 2, 2010

David Arquette - Time to Start Preventive Treatment

While actress Courteney Cox says she isn't divorcing David Arquette, one thing may be coming to an end for the 39-year old actor: perfect hair.

David has pretty good follicles for his age, but recent photos show the hairline recession has started. Based on these photos, I'd say he's in the Norwood Class IIA phase, with minimal temporal recession and mild thinning in the frontal hairline.

Male pattern hair loss is much more common in a person's 40s, so expect to see David develop more prominent recession at the corners over the next several years.

Let's hope David and Courteney are able to work out their differences and keep their marriage intact. Let's also hope that Courteney can talk him into beginning preventive hair loss treatment now, before the recession gets worse.