Monday, November 1, 2010

Slash Cuts Divorce Plans

Former Guns N' Roses guitarist Slash recently called off plans to divorce his wife of nine years. That's good news, but I'm more interested in the legendary rocker's hair. 

As the rocker has aged, his long curly hair has appeared to be ageless ... Which has led many to speculate that he might be wearing a wig.

It's difficult to tell from the photos if he is in fact using hair extensions, but I don't think so. After all, recent photos show that he has some hairline recession up top. If he was wearing a wig, he'd probably try to hide that too. However, I do suspect the 45-year old is using hair dye to keep his locks a youthful black. (FYI, men have a 40-percent of hair loss in their 40s. The odds of going gray go up considerably too. See my previous post on that subject here.)

But whatever the facts may be, one thing is certain: the guy rocks!