Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Recession Alert - Pete Sampras

Retired tennis great Pete Sampras was a true contender on the court, but today, he is losing the battle with his receding hairline. 

From recent photos, you can see Pete has deep recession in the temporal region and thinning hair across the hairline, but he still has hope. 

Were he to invest in regular Rogaine and Low Level Laser Therapy treatments, he might be able to stimulate those dwindling follicles into growing better, thicker hair.

A follicular-unit extraction hair transplant with NeoGraft would also do wonders.
New technology and non-invasive procedures are selling points for many athletes looking to enhance their looks discreetly without taking time away from the game. Athletes are able to resume workouts within three days after a NeoGraft transplant. 

For those interested in tennis, check out the Delray Beach International Tennis Championships, Feb. 18 - 27.