Thursday, February 10, 2011

What is Hiding Under Hugh Laurie's Hairpiece?

A recent photo of Hugh Laurie, 51, shows the actor looking quite different from his gruff television persona, Dr. House. 

As you can see, he has a great team of makeup artists that help transform him into character every week. While he has elected to hide his bald spot and graying hair with a hairpiece during filming, off camera he is fighting the same battle as half the men his age. 

But there is hope for the many who are fighting hair loss - and it doesn't require a hairpiece and makeup team. From FDA-approved treatments like Rogaine or Propecia to Low Level Laser Therapy, men and women are able to stimulate growth and prevent future hair loss. 

However, for those looking for a permanent solution to their hair loss, non-invasive NeoGraft FUE is still the best option available.