Tuesday, September 20, 2011

John Travolta Bald Photos Leak

John Travolta has long dodged questions regarding his vanishing - then suddenly reappearing - hairline. Many, myself included, have noted his ever-changing, unnatural hairline as evidence that he is wearing a hair piece.

In a recent story by The Daily Mail, John, 57, is seen sans hair piece, revealing the full extent of his hair loss. Maybe Travolta is finally ready to embrace his baldness and age naturally? Doubtful. Although he's playing John Gotti in a new biopic by Barry Levinson, and will likely go bald to play the role, it's unlikely he'll stay bald. Considering his status as an A-list actor, and the lengths he has gone to in the past to conceal his hair loss, it's reasonable to assume he'll go back to the hair piece soon enough. 
Now, the bigger question: Could Travolta regain his locks with treatment? He could regain some scalp coverage by undergoing a NeoGraft FUE transplant, combined with other therapies like Rogaine, Low Level Laser Therapy and Propecia. However, had Travolta not avoided hair restoration treatment for so long, and started on a regimen of Propecia and Rogaine earlier, he could have had a relatively full head of hair today. 
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