Thursday, September 15, 2011

Kat Von D Reportedly Losing Her Hair

The Daily Mail is reporting that LA Ink Star Kat Von D is losing her hair. Constant dyeing and styling, combined with the stress of her recent breakup and cancellation of her tv show, have been named among the reasons behind the 29-year old's hair woes.

Kat has reportedly been wearing wigs and hair extensions to cover up the bald and thinning patches. While it is true that extreme styling can be harmful and damaging to the hair follicles, it doesn't result in hair loss.

While her beauty routines and stress levels may not be helping, if Kat is really losing her hair, there is likely another reason behind it. Nearly two-thirds of women face hair loss at some point in their life. The causes of hair loss in women can vary from heredity, hormones, diet,  certain medications to an underlying medical condition. 

Whatever is behind Kat's hair loss, there is good news, there are options available that can help her grow healthier hair. Hair vitamins, such as Viviscal, which is endorsed by such stars as Finola Hughes and Reese Witherspoon, can aid those suffering from hair loss or thinning in achieving stronger, healthier hair.

However, if Kat wants to optimize her results, which as a young star I'm sure she does, I would recommend combining the supplement with a regimen of Low Level Laser Therapy which is known to stimulate growth and help create thicker, fuller, healthier hair.