Friday, December 9, 2011

Recession Alert: Bradley Cooper

Good news for men everywhere, even with a receding hairline you can be named People magazine's sexiest man alive, just look at this year's winner Bradley Cooper.

In recent photos of the Hangover star, 36, you can see early signs of temporal recession, which isn't at all uncommon for a man his age. Thirty percent of men in their 30s experience hair loss and the number increases to 40 percent as men enter their 40s. From the photos, it appears that Cooper is Norwood Class II, which means that while his hairline is maturing, typical of an adult hairline, he has yet to see any frontal balding. He is also fortunate to have an otherwise full head of hair.

Considering his resume now includes the sexiest man alive title, Cooper might want to consider a proactive hair regimen of FDA-approved Propecia or Rogaine, which could help him avoid any further recession. He would hardly be the first actor to take action against hair loss, more celebrities are investing in hair restoration than ever before. New technology and non-invasive procedures are selling points for many actors looking to enhance their looks discreetly.