Friday, December 16, 2011

X Factor Judge Louis Walsh Admits Hair Transplant

Walsh is a great example of the power of hair transplantation to create a younger, thicker, fuller hairline. The post-surgical results are really dramatic for him. A full hairline is really important for "framing" the face and preventing the appearance of premature aging.

The host is pleased with his results, telling The Daily Mail: "It’s called maintenance...It’s just me, with my own hair, feeling better." And he is encouraging others to take action early and solve the problem before it really becomes a problem.

Louis had admitted to the Daily Mail that he had the more traditional linear or 'strip' style of hair transplant harvesting, as opposed to the newer, less invasive FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction style of harvesting which requires no stitches or staples in the donor area and leaves no linear scar.

Today, hair transplantation is growing in popularity and can often be done undetectably. NeoGraft FUE has made the transplantation process easier than ever with less discomfort, quicker downtime, no telltale scar... making it a viable option for both men and women with hair loss. New technology allowing less-invasive hair transplant procedures like NeoGraft are attractive to many celebrities looking to enhance their looks discreetly. It is not clear at this time why Louis Walsh chose the traditional procedure over the FUE hair transplant.