Friday, January 13, 2012

Is Mitt Romney's Hair Fake?

At 64, Mitt Romney continues to keep his remarkably full hairline. As most people know, the hair loss risk increases with age, but, specifically, at his age, Romney is defying 50- to 60 percent chance of hair loss.

Whether you are a fan of his politics or not, you can't deny he looks good for his age, and can't help but wonder how does he do it? 

While his hairline is controlled, consistent and specific - it isn't unnatural, which means his perfect hairline isn't due to a hair transplant. My guess would be he is using a strong conditioner or maybe a light styling product to keep his hair in check during those heated debates. As for his gray hair, it too looks natural, although at times there has appeared to be more gray than others - not uncommon among those in the spotlight. It wouldn't surprise me if Romney, who has been known to cut his own hair at times, is keeping the gray hair in check with a DIY color treatment. 

It is certainly possible that Romney is using some medical intervention to help maintain his healthy hairline, but if you look at photos of his dad and his full head of hair, its clear the politician is also blessed with good genes! 

The bottom line is, if you want hair like Mitt's - start with good genes! But today, there is good news for those less fortunate in the genes department, medical therapies and low level laser therapy can help you keep the hair that you have, while FUE hair transplants can restore what you've lost!