Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Bald and Beautiful - Kudos to Joan Lunden

Photo by PR Photos

Joan Lunden has gone bald for the cover of People magazine! 

The former co-host of Good Morning America recently announced she is battling breast cancer and has begun to experience hair loss as she undergoes treatment. This is an incredibly brave and compassionate act, and it should be commended. According to her interview on ABC, Ms. Lunden decided to be photographed without her wig for the cover in order to "help others." 

I've treated a number of cancer survivors pro bono over the years, and therefore Ms. Lunden's actions are especially touching. My heart goes out to anyone who is battling cancer and coping with the often challenging side effects of treatment. Unfortunately, in some cases the hair does not fully grow back after chemotherapy - or at least not to the same quality that it was originally. This is particularly true for older patients. But there is hope. Patients can utilize certain treatments, like low level laser therapy, to improve the quality, fullness and appearance of the hair. And many doctors have also begun using "Cold Cap Therapy," a new treatment that may help cancer patients protect their hair while undergoing chemotherapy.

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