Monday, September 22, 2014

Bruce Jenner's Hair

Photo by PR Photos has a great retrospective of Bruce Jenner's changing hair-do over the years, which is worth checking out for anyone who follows the Kardashians. But what struck me is the former Olympic champion's current hair status. 

At 64 years old, his hair is in relatively good shape. Admittedly, there have been rumors of hair transplants in the past; however, if that's true, the surgeon could probably have done a better job as the part line still has a fair amount of recession.

Jenner has faced a lot of speculation recently over whether or not he's undergoing gender reassignment treatments - and some media outlets have pointed to his long hair as evidence that he is trying to feminize his looks. I don't know about that, and perhaps it's time to cut the guy a little slack. However, if he is trying to grow his hair longer in order to create a more youthful look, he could be using nutritional supplements like Viviscal to help give it a boost, as well as low level laser therapy.

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