Monday, November 3, 2014

Hairline Comeback - Matthew McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey at Interstellar Premiere (Photo by PR Photos)

Is Matthew McConaughey's hair getting better with age? 

His new film, "Interstellar," hits theaters this Friday, but what's really inspiring to me is the return of the 44-year old's hairline, which began to show signs of serious recession many years ago (check out #4 on BuzzFeed's list of male celebs who are less bald than they used to be). 

While McConaughey has never admitted to undergoing a hair transplant, he has discussed using topical treatments before. A regular routine of pharmaceutical-grade minoxidil could potentially achieve this level of results, but it's best to use a multi-therapy approach that combines topicals with finasteride, low level laser therapy, nutritional supplements or platelet-rich plasma therapy. There's no way to regain hair that's dead and gone without undergoing hair transplantation surgery, and McConaughey's frontal and temporal hairline does appear to be fuller in several areas.

McConaughey in 2005 (Photo by PR Photos)

Whatever he's doing, it's clearly working, but I strongly doubt it's all due to one all-natural topical treatment as McConaughey has claimed.

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