Thursday, November 20, 2014

Is Hair a Factor in NFL Players' Performance?

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A new study was released, which examined the correlation between NFL players' hair and their performance. If you have a minute to check it out, it's worth a read: (by West Coast Shaving).

Some findings from the report:

  • The Chicago Bears are the most bald team in the NFL, at 12.73%. Coincidentally, the Bears 
  • The Kansas City Chiefs have the most facial hair of any other team, at 98.39%.
  • Quarterbacks tend to perform better with facial hair, than without. According to the average QB rating from last year, they performed 12% better with five o'clock shadows than when clean shaven.

Of course, as a hair transplant surgeon, I'm most interested in the correlation between baldness and performance. Here's how the 'most bald' teams fared in their divisions last year:

Team:                      Baldness:           Division Ranking:

Chicago Bears           12.73%              2nd
Arizona Cardinals      10.71%              3rd
Tennessee Titans       10.53%              2nd
Pittsburgh Steelers     8.93%               2nd
Indianapolis Colts       8.82%               1st

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