Thursday, March 5, 2015

Prince William's Hair Loss is Getting Really Bad

Photo by PR Photos

New photos of Prince William show just how bad his hair loss has become.

In a photo session taken during a recent tea ceremony in Japan, Prince William is seen with massive hair loss throughout the top of the crown - and looks almost identical to his Uncle Edward's own infamous hairline. 

If there was ever a family that needed a good hair restoration physician on staff, it's the Duke of Cambridge's. Early onset male pattern hair loss seems to run in the royal family. In addition to Prince William and Edward, both of whom began balding in their early 20s, Prince Charles also started showing signs of alopecia in his 20s and the Prince's younger brother, Harry, just 30, is also showing evidence of thinning.

Hair loss does run in the family, so for those reading this, if you have bald relatives in your family, consider taking the HairDX genetic test to see if you're susceptible to androgenetic alopecia.

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