Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Does Kris Jenner Have a Bald Spot?

Photo by PR Photos

Recent photos of Kris Jenner, the matriarch of the Kardashian reality TV clan, show noticeable signs of thinning in the 59-year old's hair line. In fact, photos cited by Radar Online show the beginnings of a bald spot above her left temple.

Why do women go bald?

There are a wide range of reasons for this - genetics (women can inherit the "hair loss gene" too), hormonal imbalances, medications, health, physical damage from hair extensions, styling or over-treating the hair, and plain old stress - which can lead to temporary fallout. 

It's impossible to say without examining Ms. Jenner what the true cause of her hair loss is, or whether or not it will be permanent, but I'd advise her to see a board-certified hair restoration physician right away. Hair loss doctors can perform a number of tests to determine the cause of hair loss and how best to treat it, including genetic tests (HairDX), hair mass index tests (HairCheck) and a physical exam. And even if it is female-pattern hair loss, instead of simple fallout or breakage, there are special treatments that can help women - like Formula 82M, platelet-rich plasma therapy (or PRP), low level laser therapy, minimally invasive micro-surgical hair transplants (NeoGraft FUE) and off-label treatments like finasteride and dutasteride.

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