Thursday, May 21, 2015

Entourage the Movie - Hair Line Mashup

Photo by PR Photos

Eleven years after the hit series debuted on HBO, "Entourage" is finally getting its own role on the big screen this summer. Vince, E, Turtle were all young guys when the series began - but after more than a decade since the premiere, how well are their hair lines holding up?

Vince - i.e., Adrian Grenier (38)

It'd be hard to complain about Adrian's hair. So far, the 38-year old actor still has what appears to be a full and healthy hair line, and doesn't show any signs of recession yet.

E - i.e., Kevin Connolly (41)

Kevin's hair line, on the other hand, shows clear signs of temporal recession. But altogether, it's still a fairly strong hair line.

Turtle - i.e., Jerry Ferrara (35)

Jerry has another solid hair line. We can just see what may be the beginning of temporal recession, but that also occurs as the hair line matures. 

But let's not forget about the other two stars - Johnny Drama and Ari Gold. Both are much older than their co-stars, but their hair lines are in remarkably good shape 11 years later.

Johnny Drama - i.e., Kevin Dillon (49)

Dillon's hair line has clearly recessed at the top and along the temporal regions, but for his age it's in great shape. There's a good chance he's been using a multi-therapy regimen to keep it that way - and more than likely that includes finasteride and minoxidil.

Ari Gold - i.e., Jeremy Piven (49)

Piven's hair loss has been well documented and previous reports have shown a long linear scar at the back of his head - followed by a miraculous revival of his hair line. It's clear he's had hair transplant surgery, but unfortunately Piven must have opted for the old-fashioned "strip harvest" hair transplant, which leaves that noticeable scar at the back of the head. It's strange that a movie star who's always in the spotlight wouldn't opt for the modern micro-surgical procedure known as FUE, which leaves no visible scar at all.

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