Thursday, July 23, 2015

Is Armpit Hair Trend Fizzling Out, or Growing?

Photo by PR Photos

Not long after Miley Cyrus became the face of the pro-body hair trend among female celebs, she's apparently changed her mind and decided to have it removed. 

Does that mean the armpit hair movement is at an end? Fear not, there are still plenty of celebs to choose from: slideshow.

And apparently the trend is going even further. Body hair tinting is becoming a thing, with a growing number of women opting for tinted hair on their heads, pits and even 'down there.'

Regardless of what you think about body hair, allowing it to grow is certainly a healthier option than waxing and laser removal - particularly in the genital regions. Removing pubic hair can expose those areas of the body to a greater risk of infection, including STDs.

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