Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Is Hair Stitching Bad for Your Follices?

The success of fantasy and historically themed shows like Game of Thrones, Vikings, Once Upon a Time and Outlander is leading to a new hair styling trend in Hollywood: hair stitching.

But will it harm your hair?

While many common styling practices like braids, extensions, even pony-tails, can cause physical damage to the follicles if they're over-used, in extreme cases leading to traction alopecia (see Naomi Campbell's bald spots), hair stitching does not appear to pose any significant risks. The stitch itself is just woven through the existing hair, so the only issue would maybe be the anchored braids if they were too tight over time. However, in most cases, hair stitching is likely to be limited to special occasions, not a "daily 'do," so the impact would be minimal.

Bottom line: hair stitching is not a risk to the long-term health of your hair, so throny up!

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