Friday, September 18, 2015

Amber Rose Gets Long, Brown Extensions

Photo by PR Photos

We can add Amber Rose's name to the ever-growing list of celebrities wearing hair extensions. The star recently ditched her bleached pixie in favor of long, brown extensions, but while her new locks look great, they may be putting her at risk for hair problems down the road. 

As I've said many times before, extensions are extremely bad for the hair! The extra weight and pulling effect can physically damage the hair follicles, resulting in permanent hair loss (i.e., traction alopecia). A number of celebrities, from Naomi Campbell to Kim Kardashian, appear to be suffering the after-effects of these products.

Female hair loss is often caused by genetic factors, but there are a number of other ways you can damage your hair - physical damage from extensions, wigs, braids, pony-tails, etc. is something every woman needs to be aware of. It's ok to do so every once in a while, but if you are a regular user of hair extensions, weaves, braids or wigs that attach to the hair, your hair follicles are in danger of permanent damage. 

Hollywood often leads the world when it comes to style, but the extension trend is definitely one I hope to see end soon! 

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