Friday, September 11, 2015

Beating the Odds - Robert De Niro's Age-Proof Hairline

De Niro in 2015 - Photo by PR Photos

Robert De Niro's latest movie, 'The Intern,' comes out September 25th, and the 72-year old actor is a great example of how men's hair can beat the odds.

At his age, it's very common to have widespread hair loss throughout the crown, but, for the most part, De Niro's hairline has withstood the test of time. Whether this is just a case of good genes, or he's been privately undergoing restoration treatments, is unknown.

However, it's possible for any man (or woman) to keep a strong hairline well into old age by following a preventive regimen with your doctor. Treatments like Formula 82M, FinPlus finasteride, low-level laser therapy, nutritionals like Viviscal Pro, platelet-rich plasma therapy (aka PRP or the "vampire") and other options, which are all available through your doctor, can maintain a healthy, full hairline for decades - and, in many cases, the results of this type of treatment program will far exceed the natural resiliency that some people have, thanks to their genes.

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