Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Celebrity Hair Trend - "Hair Plopping"

Photo by PR Photos

I often rail against styling treatments that can seriously harm the hair strands or underlying follicles - such as chemical treatments, high heat, extensions, etc. So this new celebrity trend known as "hair plopping" is a breath of fresh air. 

What is hair plopping? Here's how Glamour Magazine recently described it:

"The concept is fairly simple: you wash your hair, leave it damp and then lay a cotton towel or old cotton t-shirt on a flat surface before 'plopping' your curls on your head onto it (upside down). Next, you wrap the towel around your head and secure the curls by twisting the ends."

For more on the procedure, check out this YouTube video. 

How well this actually works, I don't know - but what I do like is that it replaces harmful heat treatments with blow dryers and curling irons, as well as abundant hair spray, with a natural treatment that doesn't stress the hair strands or the follicles. In my book, it's an all-natural treatment worth checking out.

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