Sunday, February 21, 2016

Lady Gaga Bleaches Eyebrows Every Day

Photo by PR Photos

It is no secret that Lady Gaga makes some unique, and sometimes questionable, decisions in the name of beauty of fashion. The risk-taker recently admitted to bleaching her eyebrows everyday, in order to make them, "more versatile."

The reveal has some questioning whether or not this is safe, or healthy for your eyebrows.

Lady Gaga is definitely putting her follicles at risk with this kind of extreme regimen. Many women don’t realize that chemicals like bleaches and dyes can fundamentally change the structure of their hair, including your eyebrows, making them weaker and more susceptible to breakage and damage. Overusing these treatments and frequent color changes can lead to breakage, hair fallout, loss of density and volume, and in some severe cases, even traction alopecia.
While eyebrow transplants can be used to restore living and growing follicles into the eyebrow area, her best bet would be to lay off the bleach, and give her follicles a break, before she causes serious damage.

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