Thursday, June 30, 2016

Rachel Roy's "Good Hair" Tips

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There has been much speculation that Rachel Roy is the inspiration behind Beyonce's "Becky with the good hair," and while we may never know if those rumors are true, there is no denying that she has luscious locks. 

So what is her secret? 

Rachel dished on some of her "good hair" tips in a new interview with Into the Gloss. Of her hair care regimen, she said, "On occasion, I do get oil treatments where they put oil on your scalp row by row and then massage you for 30 minutes. It’s amazing because my scalp gets dry. That’s why I only wash my hair about once a week. I’m a dry shampoo girl because of that. I can get a blowout to last me a whole week. If I get it styled, I like braids or a ponytail. I like it done really high and tight because it gives your face a little lift."

Whatever she is doing, it is obviously working, she has beautiful hair, but some of her comments could potentially mean trouble for her follicles down the road. 

Giving your scalp a little extra TLC is essential for healthy hair, whether it is scalp treatments or massage, healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp. However, while I don't think there is reason to wash your hair every day, as many Americans do, you want to be careful that dry shampoo doesn't replace a regular shampoo regimen. While washing once a week may seem extreme, how often to wash your hair is a very individual one. If your scalp is oily or you tend to workout, you might need to wash your hair more frequently than someone who has dry hair or scalp or who is not as athletically active.  

As for how often you should use dry shampoo between washes, this varies by individual as well, due to their sebum production, lifestyle and styling habits. In the beginning, I would advise trying the dry shampoo just once or twice between washes and be mindful of sebum, product or other buildup that could impact style or scalp health. Dry shampoo should absolutely NOT replace your regular shampoo/conditioner regimen. 

As for her styling habits, I always advise women to be cautious with tight styles, such as braids and high ponytails, because they can potentially cause damage to your hair follicles, if overused. 

Just remember, hair care is just like skin care, and should be adjusted to your specific needs, what works for some women, won't work for all. So find a regimen that keeps your hair and scalp feeling healthy, and limit any potentially harmful habits or products. 

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